Marco A. Ramos Corchado, are PhD in Computer Science from IRIT (Institut de Recherche en Informatique de Toulouse), in the group of artificial intelligence (VORTEX team) France. My activities can be split in two: first concern my personal education, which have been focused towards design and implementation of artificial intelligence systems and distributed systems. Some of projects in which I have been involved: the study and implementation of anticipative behaviour systems for my PhD thesis, study and implementation of an intelligent retrieval information system based on Neural Networks for my master thesis, design and implantation of a virtual office with java and VRML, formal techniques for developing cooperative systems. These activities have been mixed with teaching technique level subjects related to computer languages, mathematics. Second part of my activities points towards the creation of real world applications working for different public and private companies: Volks Wagen of Mexico as advisor of computer networks and also designing and implementing industrial control systems. Finally, I work directly with CINVESTAV-GDL in several projects. Actually works for UAEM university, I’m research member to the computational group at the same centre and my main objective today is establish contact with industry because I believe it is the only way to implement solutions for today problems necessitating high skills and more and more cooperation.

Research Interests: Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Distributed Systems, Artificial life (virtual ecosystem, evolving creatures), genetic programming, genetic algorithms, evolutionary agents, adaptive agents, embodied cognition. I work on evolving classifier systems for the creation of autonomus behaviors.



Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México
Cerro de Coatepec, s/n Ciudad Universitaria,
Toluca, México. C.P. 50130

Ofice: Edificio G, Computer Science Department.
Telephone: + (52) Ext 1205
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